A Study of The Book of Ecclesiastes: e-Book

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Babylonian philosophers thought the world was created by a god squashing a dragon flat...then a god spat and made man... then man spat and made woman then woman spat and made animals. The wisdom of learned man!!! Man is corrupt...his thoughts lead to hell.  Man must surrender to God...Fear God and keep His commandments. Ecclesiastes is a book of the Old Testament written by King Solomon about his thoughts when he was away from God in sin.
King Solomon learned the utter futility of man’s view of life and that only a life surrendered to God mattered, all else was vanity. Vanity...Vanity...Vanity: All is Vanity This is the key word of Ecclesiastes: Vanity it occurs 37 times in this book. It means: useless, pointless... foolish ...empty...an exercise in futility. Such is life away from God; there is no point to life away from God. It is vanity... vanity...vanity!