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Johnnie Saw Heaven

Authored by Rev Frank Abrahamsen

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Johnnie Saw Heaven

 We are living in perilous times and the predictive wave of thought is such as the Lord could come at any moment. Johnny Saw Heaven is a fictional account of just that, the Rapture, Tribulation and New Millennium. This book is the third of a trilogy: The Evangelist, The Missionary and now Johnnie Saw Heaven. The Bible shows all, who come in faith, the Truth. The Truth being, Jesus Saves but the world is too busy working their way to heaven to acknowledge salvation is by Grace and Grace alone. The intent of this book is not to present a dogmatic overview of the Book of Revelation; rather, it is to portray vividly the horror described in the book.

 Johnnie Saw Heaven is time-lined with the scriptures and although it is a fictional account it is presented as a viable interpretation of what may very well happen after the Rapture. Obviously, to the student of the Book of Revelation, many occurrences are difficult to explain. However, Johnnie Saw Heaven is written to offer a possible understandable scenario of what may actually happen during the Tribulation years.

 The first chapter of Johnnie Saw Heaven is taken from The Missionary; it is the closing chapter of The Missionary. It is presented twice for explanatory purposes. God’s purpose in writing the Book of Revelation is to see lost souls be saved. The horror depicted in the Book of Revelation is designed to draw the lost to salvation and the purpose of Johnnie Saw Heaven is to draw men to salvation and to encourage Christians to fight the battle.