Paradise Coast

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Gracelyn woke up stretching her arms over her head, cracking an eye to let the light shine in…she sighed looking out the window to the gulf. It was another breathtakingly beautiful day. It was amazing how God could put so many colors in the sky, the clouds and the ocean. She kicked back her covers and arose going to the enclosed balcony which, was more like a small atrium that housed a telescope and was filled with orchids, tropical greenery, a small fountain and corner seating area. This is where she did her daily devotion in the mornings and star gazed at night. She breathed in the sweetness of the world that the Lord had fashioned and started her morning prayer, when she had finished, she picked up her Bible and started reading in Jeremiah.

Lost in her thoughts her eye traveled along the beach until it came to two figures, they appeared to be fighting. What are they doing she wondered, as she saw the bigger one wrench away and the smaller one start to run, she quickly reached to her side table for the field glasses in time to see the smaller figure sink to the ground and a ugly red patch begin spread across his chest, she looked to the other figure, he was a mean burly looking Hispanic man with dark eyes and a scar that ran across his right brow, tattoos ran up his right arm but she couldn’t make out the design. Her eyes scanned lower and saw he had a gun, without hesitation she reached for her phone and dialed 911 explaining what she had just witnessed; the operator told her they would send an officer and for her to stay inside.

Gracelyn arose quickly to get dressed and waited for the officers to get there. Within minutes there was a knock on her door, she opened it and her mind went completely blank, there filling her doorway stood the most handsome man she had ever seen. He was about six-foot-tall, big brown eyes with long dark lashes and a sexy mouth that was currently set in a lopsided grin gazing at her. “Mornin’ ma’am I am Detective Eric Longstreet, I’m here to get your statement and then accompany you to the crime scene, are you ready to get started?”