The Chinese and Gweilos: e-Book

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His men had heard what he said and they were aiming their guns at Ling. John Henry, without hesitation, threw his knives hard at the two men brandishing the six-shooters. He hit them both in the right shoulder hard, causing the blade to sink to the hilt. The impact was so intense that both men dropped the six-shooters in the river. The Whip Cracker’s confident composure changed to that of a frightened animal; a cornered wounded animal. He began to wield the one whip with the fury he had with two. He meant to end this battle and now. Ling realized he would not be able to find an opening again. He deduced, the only way in was to allow the Whip Cracker to strike him. His back had just healed and he did not relish the thought of the whip tearing through his back. Nevertheless, Ling knew he had to stop the Whip Cracker at any cost.