A Study of The Pastoral Epistles

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This study is presented in workbook fashion and is designed to be taught in a classroom setting or an individual study. In a classroom setting, the key to a successful study will be class interaction. It is the responsibility of the teacher to facilitate the learning by this method. Many questions will be presented throughout this study to enable the teacher to accomplish this task. This interaction will ensure the class is learning and it will also prove to add to the enjoyment of the session. At the end of each chapter, there will be a test to be taken by each class member; their answers are to be discussed together. It is here, where the teacher will be able to gauge the knowledge the class has gleaned from the course.
The Pastoral Epistles were written by the Apostle Paul and they are written specifically to Timothy and Titus. They had pastoral authority over elders and pastors and they were instructed to train them wherever they were guided to go. These epistles had this precept as a motivation to Timothy and Titus; however, the far-reaching purpose of the Pastoral Epistles is as the rest of the Bible and that was and is, to teach all those who are called by God to follow these guidelines. Additionally, the epistles are to instruct all Christians to comprehend the authority of an elder or pastor and also, guidelines for them to live by.